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Newcastle to London - Live Homepage

Refer here for all live updates during the weekend, to track your family/friends, enter competitions and more!


Newcastle to London 2015

This is the live event homepage, where you can link your challenge progress to Facebook, as well as checking your results post event. Supporters can also track you through our timing website and riders can enter our photo competition!

Just under 400 riders setting out, with full support en-route, and 7 stages of 40/45 miles. Signed all the way, pace riders, mechanics, medics, rest stops with food & hospitality. The RIDE 24 events are not races, they're endurance rides at their best & exhilarating weekends to remember.

Certificates - you'll shortly be able to download your challenge certificate via your profile within the Ride 24 HR Newcastle 2 London Challenge timing website, by clicking the certificate scroll icon on the left hand side.

Some of the Charities that we partner with ...