How important are materials

The materials with which scrubbing machines are assembled have a relatively significant impact especially on the practicality of use of the appliance. They do not have a decisive influence on the ability to carry out quality cleaning, but they have a certain relevance from other points of view. For example, a product made of resistant materials will certainly last longer and will save you money for repairs or even toreplace the appliance in case of damage. However, more solid materials are often heavier tooand therefore we must also consider the impact on handling and transport inside your apartment, especially if it is large. It is therefore preferable to choose a product based on your budget needs but also reflecting on its strength and resistance to wear due to use green commercial cleaning in Cleveland.

Specifically, the material of the brush is important because this is the component most subject to impacts against furniture, tables and chairs. Likewise, the material of the handle affects the comfort of the grip, so a quality material will facilitate those who need to use the appliance for a fairly long period of time.

Is the brand important?

When choosing an ideal scrubber-dryer for your needs, it is certainly a good thing to also consider the brand. There are in fact some manufacturing companies that over the years have acquired a certain credibility by creating models that have become bestsellers all over the world. The success of these products is largely due to their level of performance and their reliability in terms of wear resistance.

Does the price matter?

As we said about the importance of the brand, the price is certainly a good indicator of the quality of a product. Of course, on the market it is possible to find low, medium and high-end scrubbing machines, which have different technical characteristics and are suitable for cleaning of different degrees. In general, it can be said that the scrubbers on the market are divided into three price ranges:

Low : less than € 100. They are products assembled with not very resistant materials and with generally rather simple functions . They can adapt to the cleaning of small apartments or small rooms but do not have particular qualities for the treatment of specific surfaces such as parquet or other delicate floors;

Average : € 100-400. This type of scrubbing machine usually offers very good performance and is ideal for domestic cleaning even in large apartments. They represent a good compromise between the poor functionality of low-end products and the high price of those belonging to a high-end.

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