What the Electrician does

The electrician is the professional figure who works on civil and industrial electrical systems . It deals with the design, installation and maintenance of electrical systems and components in homes, factories, offices, commercial structures, public buildings such as schools and hospitals.It provides for the connection of the systems to the electricity distribution network and therefore plays a fundamental role in ensuring the operation of all the electrical appliances that surround us.

The electrical contractors in Birmingham, AL installs plants, paintings and electrical appliances to high or low voltage , according to customer needs. As regards the design activities , for each type of electrical system it is necessary to create the most suitable scheme : determine the correct arrangement of the cables and contacts , organize the control units and electrical boards , and calculate the construction costs.

For these operations more and more often the electrician uses electrical CAD software , 2D and 3D, which allow to manage the elaboration of the drawing of electrical diagrams for civil and industrial systems.

It can design simple and small electrical panels, such as those for domestic use to connect lighting systems, appliances, home automation systems , intercoms, air conditioning and thermo-hydraulic systems, burglar alarms and video surveillance cameras, systems for the automation of gates, antennas, photovoltaic systems or with solar panels but also very complex, as in the case of industrial electrical panels. An electrician industry takes care of the machine wiring for the construction of machinery and plant for industrial automation.

Skills of the Electrician

As regards the activities carried out for the distribution of energy and the connection to the electricity grid , the tasks of the electrician are very similar to those of a cable operator : he creates the cable ducts, positions the components, identifies the terminals and connects the cables, switches, sockets, terminals according to the technical specifications shown in the wiring diagram.

Once the wiring has been made, it carries out acceptance tests to verify the effective operation of the connected systems.The electrician then takes care of the routine maintenance of electrical panels, plants and systems, and interventions in case of breakdowns and malfunctions.To locate faults in electrical circuits , the electrician performs an electrical system diagnostics . Identify the elements involved, repair or replace the damaged components, and then carry out tests to test the system and ensure its tightness.

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