rolling and bending services

The following are included as part of rolling and bending services

Do you need the assistance of a reliable company in the process of rolling and bending steel plates? Pollisum provides rolling and bending services, click here to learn more. It would be best if you went for Pollisum since it offers the most acceptable odds. They are a well-known corporation specializing in leasing cranes and transport, as well as activities in the maritime and logistics industries, as well as fabrication. They can provide specialized rolling and plate bending services because they have access to cutting-edge equipment that makes these processes possible.

Other fabrication services provided by Pollisum


The punching machine makes it possible to manufacture holes in a way that is extremely quick and doesn’t need any additional effort or complexity. They can construct new holes in addition to providing preexisting ones in a range of shapes, sizes, and conditions.

bending services

Plates being sheared

Because of the shearing machine, cutting plates of varied thicknesses may be done effectively and uncomplicatedly.


Pollisum may also provide other services, such as cutting and drilling holes in a selection of steel materials and drilling holes of varying sizes into plates of varying thicknesses.

The pollisum fabrication and logistics company provides reliable steel rolling services for the fabrication of goods that have extensive use in various industries, including truck mining, marine and shipbuilding, gas and oil industries, and construction businesses.

Pollisum is proficient in the art of section rolling in Singapore

Rolling angle bars will be able to use these recently created traits thanks to their versatility.The dependable machines can operate with a range of plate sizes, allowing them to fulfill the needs of the task. In addition, professional metal rolling services include a wide range of measuring principles, including precise control of the breadth of the rolled product.

The following are examples of applications for rolling and bending services

  • The majority of uses for this material may be found in the construction and building industries.
  • Used in constructing several types of ships (vessels& components for oil rigs, etc.).
  • Beams, columns, and various other components are examples of things that may be created out of structural steel.

Rolling is a popular method used to decrease the thickness of a material or metal. This may be done in several different ways. In contrast, bending is a process in which the metal or material is reshaped by the application of force throughout the operation. This force may be applied at any point in the bending process.

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