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Why must companies carry out training programs?

Your work processes keep changing with technology and advancement in business strategies. This is why it is important to frequently train employees on crucial courses. For example, an employee who achieved knowledge from an iso 9001:2015 consultant will perform better than an auditor without a certification. Not just this, there are a series of advantages of training your subordinates as discussed below.

  • Improved knowledge and skills
  • Must-have for performance appraisals
  • Higher responsibilities
  • Happy employees

Improved knowledge and skills: The industry standards get amended as per the current trends, which is why no company has decade-old operating procedures. Changes are necessary to enhance the productivity of all departments as the ultimate outcome is increased profit margin and goodwill of the organization. Training does not include innovative techniques alone to boost profits but also involves educating workers on human relations, safety and work ethics.

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Must-have for performance appraisals: One of the main criteria for availingof a promotion or hike is higher productivity and delivery of additional tasks. A person who aspires to get promoted and thereby increase their pay scale must have skills and knowledge that make him stand out among the rest workers. So an employee can use this aspect as a reason to attain higher designations.

Higher responsibilities: An employee who is moved into a higher designation needs the training to fit into the new role. Without knowledge, it is impossible to fulfill the new responsibilities. For example, a senior executive promoted to a team lead position will need leadership skills that can only be achieved through a training program.

Happy employees: In the era of layoffs, every worker has a need to feel wanted and important in a team. A company that offers to train its employees for the fulfillment of new tasks indirectly lets them know that they view their colleagues as assets and not as a burden. Satisfied and grateful workers will not only give their best performance but also ensure to stay grounded. In a way, it is a key to employee retention; content workers stay for longer periods.

Bottom line

From the above, it is evident that training programs are essential to make the employees feel worthy, improve knowledge and skills of human resources, a criterion for performance appraisal and efficient delivery of new responsibilities.  This being said, it is your duty as an organization to review the workers’ past and current performance to accordingly make a decision.

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