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Learn maths with different but simple curriculum and method

Are you struggling with mathematics? Are you tired of getting poor marks consistently in math class? Then it should be the right time for you to take maths tuition singapore. Many tuition centers specialize in secondary and JC-level mathematics. The tuitions in Singapore promote an understanding of mathematics using an approach that draws parallels to real-life by making the material relevant.

By using relevant methods the students achieve greater understanding in all areas of mathematics as the instructors will also reinforce other essential skills from analytical reasoning to reading comprehension to problem-solving, improved study methods, and beyond.

maths tuition singapore

Why should you choose to take maths tuitions in Singapore?


maths tuition singapore makes learning maths very simple and will give you an educational edge. The students also enjoy a broad range of benefits. The tutors are the best of the best. They all are experienced and accommodate a wide range of learning styles. Most of the classes are between 3 and 7 students. The maximum class limit is 9 so you will enjoy individualized attention for optimal learning and growth.

Parents will also receive regular updates with feedback on their child’s progress. The maths tuitions in singapore are dedicated to creating a city of learners, a city that includes parents. The educators in every tuition center share a partnership with parents. It is a partnership that promotes optimal academic success. Every program is designed to make learning easy and enjoyable for students. Students also have the opportunity to learn multi-model that are designed to simplify complex concepts. The educators make learning math relatable and relevant to everyday life. The lessons are progressive so, once students build a solid foundation, the instructors will guide them through the process of building upon those skills.

The focus is more on a common-sense collaborative approach to learning instead of focusing more on what is in the textbooks. Peer interaction and collaboration are an important part of the equation of success.

How is math in Singapore different from other countries?

Back in the ’90s, Singapore decided to create its curriculum which they called primary mathematics. This program worked so well that other schools and even homeschoolers were practicing it. So, that is how the concept called Singapore math was introduced to all. It is called Singapore math because it is the math that is used in Singapore but, for a person from Singapore, it is just the regular math that they learn in their schools.

Now, here is what makes this program so different from another math curriculum, rather than having a student just memorize the mechanics of math they have them think through and problem solve. Their curriculum is designed for a child to be very comfortable with numbers and be fluid with moving things

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