Diploma Degrees In High School

What Everyone To Know About Diploma Degrees In High School?

 A high school diploma mainly implies the student has finished the needed course of study with the required number of credit hours which is mainly applicable to local district requirements. Some of the important facts about the high school diploma singapore have been discussedin this article.

The top requirement to get a high school diploma


To earn the diploma, the candidate should pass grade-level math, English, social studies, science, as well as some other classes. The number, as well as the type of class credits needed, is different from one state to another. In some states, the student has to pass a high school exit exam for achieving the diploma.

One of the important reasons for which employers like to hire high school graduates is mainly because of the diploma. This degree represents that the candidates mainly have developed strong work habits as well as skills for a career.

high school diploma singapore

According to different studies, high school graduates mainly earn more money per year in comparison to those who have mainly not graduated from high school. For the students who mainly want to continue their higher education at any college or university, they mainly need a high school degree. The high school diploma mainly acts as the foundation on which someone can build the base for their college education. In Singapore, the student mainly require to full-fill the below criteria to have a diploma degree in high school:

  1. The student must pass 8 of the semesters of High School
  2. The student must have a good attendance record. Which is mainly  90% of attendance in each of the classes, each semester)
  3. The student must have 22 credits which is 1 credit in each year of class for all different subjects except PE.

This program is very flexible. The schedule can is mainly be created which is very rigorous or what is less demanding.

There are mainly institutions that are mainly offering a wide range of higher diploma programs across different fields in Singapore. The interested students can mainly choose from the wide variety of courses to go for a higher diploma in any of the following fields:

  1. Mass Communications,
  2. Fashion Design & Marketing,
  3. Psychology,
  4. Information Technology & Cybersecurity,
  5. Tourism & Hospitality

These higher diploma programs mainly aim to produce skilled graduates with a set of skills that are also transferable across jobs.

These are some of the important facts to know about higher diploma education in Singapore.

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