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Name the platform that is best for playing the harry potter house quiz

It does not matter what age you are now, Harry Potter is something which a person can never hate or dislike. The entire series or you can say movies, has been loved by everyone around the world. Well, there are many fans of Harry Potter around the globe and they all are looking to get themselves involved in the environment of Hogwarts. So, one of the interesting ways to get an idea of how Hogwarts would feel, there are many online quizzes that a person can play that are related to Harry Potter. In case you are wondering in which harry potter house you would end up depending upon your personality, then what are the best type of quizzes that you can play for knowing this is to play a Harry Potter house quiz. Well if you are a Harry Potter fan, then you must know the entire procedure of how everyone at Hogwarts was placed in different houses. One of the platforms that you can definitely prefer to play Harry Potter house quizzes is Quiz Lagoon. The reason behind choosing this particular platform is something that we will be covering in the article a bit later. But let’s first take a look at all the four houses that were present in the Harry Potter and let’s see whether you will fall under which house. One of the favorite houses of most of the people around the world would be Gryffindor because well this was the only house in which Harry Potter and the gang was present. Apart from it, the other three houses were Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff. In Harry Potter, every student was placed in a house depending upon their personality and characteristics that they depicted. So even in quizzes as well there might be some questions that will be asked which will determine your personality and will finally place you into one house.

Harry Potter house quiz at Quiz Lagoon

On this platform, you can find a sorting hat quiz which will finally determine the house in which your personality falls. However, this platform also allows you to retake the quiz as many times as you want. They claim that they gave a little bit of a different variety of quizzes that are already present on other websites related to Harry Potter houses. The difference is that over here you will be examined on different parameters and they will definitely determine your personality and then they will sort a house depending upon it. For the Hogwarts house quiz, there are a total of 30 questions that they will ask you related to Harry Potter and then they will decide in which house you will fall.

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