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Get to Know More About Washington DC CovidTests

The wuhan originated, Covid-19 pandemic forced a major disruption in economies and healthcare systems all across the world. All nations and continents suffered a heavy impact, but The United States Of America was hit the hardest. It was the US only that reported the highest no of deaths during the peak of the pandemic and it was this nation only, who’s population showed the most reluctance to get vaccinated against this disease. The impact of the pandemic, throughout the two years from 2019-2021 was devastating.

The amount of life lost, the no of businesses that had to shut down and the mental trauma suffered by the population is immeasurable, however after the peak has passed, researchers and experts have made an attempt to quantify the damage suffered by the United States. The Washington DC Covid tests and tests from other parts of the country have been used as primary measure of the same.

The wrath of the damage suffered

The year 2020, is said to be the peak of the pandemic and it was in this year only that United States suffered the most number of deaths, as compared to any other nation. The graph nondepreciating positive patients was sloping upwards constantly, throughout most of 2020. During the second half of the year, it seemed like things may ease down for a bit, however a new wave suddenly hit and not only did it bring fresh new infections with it, but people who refused to get vaccinated and people who had already suffered covid once, got re infected and suffered again, surprisingly in a much more deadlier manner. Not only did the Washington DC Covid Tests, but tests from all across the United States started resulting in a positive at a never seen before pace. The government did their full efforts to ensure that things did not go out of hand, however with the presidential position at stake and people running haywire with rumors and assumptions due to lack of education and awareness, made it difficult for even government to do their job.

The pandemic wad an extremely challenging for all of us. It forced us to bring out the best in ourselves and also tested the healthcare and medical infrastructure and preparedness of each and every country. In times like these, not only were governments or frontline workers challenged and tested, but these times really put the humanity to a test as a whole.

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