How to Choose the Right Baby Cot Bed for Your Child

How to Choose the Right Baby Cot Bed for Your Child

Every parent wants the best for their child – especially when they are still so young to be able to take care of their own needs. In such a situation, the comfort of the baby takes the utmost priority since discomfort can not only agitate the baby but also cause underlying health issues and sleeping problems. Thus, choosing the right baby cot bed becomes a very important task for any new parents.

Since babies are too young to vocalise their needs explicitly, it becomes the parents’ job to deduce the mattress and the bed that may be the best for their baby. To deduce as such, one needs enough knowledge about beds or at least the factors to consider before buying any beds or mattresses for their child.

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By choosing the right mattresses, new parents can potentially decrease the number of times their babies wake up throughout the night, giving them a chance to sleep and rest well themselves too while also helping their child develop healthy sleeping habits and patterns as they sleep on their baby cot bed chosen exactly for their needs. The factors to consider when buying such a bed are:

  • Size of the bed and the mattress: While many may think that a baby may not need much space and thus, should get a small bed, it is quite a false notion as new-born babies outgrow their sizes quite quickly and it is always suggested to buy a bed and mattress as big as you would do for a pre-teen child. This gives the baby space to move and prevents any kind of restriction from movement as well.
  • Height of the cot or bed: The height of the bed matters a lot for a growing child; especially once they start crawling and almost crawl out of the bed, onto the floor. The best way to avoid it is either barricade the linings of the bed with pillows or buy a bed with a low height. In the case of cots, climbing through them is quite difficult for a young child so it may not need such modification.
  • The thickness of the mattress: The thickness of the mattress can affect the sturdiness of the overall bedding and the sleeping posture of the child. It should not be too thin to make the child sink in or think to make the bed hard to lay in.
  • Material of the mattress: it is better to research the types of materials a mattress can be made out of and how they may affect the comfort of a sleeping individual. Many materials often generate heat upon usage, which may sound good but becomes incredibly uncomfortable in warm, humid weather. Thus, one should consider latex mattresses for this exact reason.

In the end, sleep is a necessity for our body and one should be very careful with their sleeping patterns as it may affect their life a lot – especially in cases of young children whose discomfort can keep you up for hours, making you wonder what is wrong while not knowing how to resolve it.

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