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The advantages of the artificial vision system

  1. The high social benefits of the machine vision system

The main benefits of computer vision for society are: time savings; reduction of production costs; improve productivity and product quality; reduce the labor intensity of testing and inspection personnel; reduce the number of unqualified products; improve the use of the machine and so on Looking to buy a high speed camera in Malaysia? Click here to learn more.

  1. The strong peripheral advantages of the machine vision system

The history of the development of automation technology is the history of machines that gradually replace man. The brain, limbs, feelings, and nerves respond to CPU, action control, detectors, and webs, respectively. Still, in many issues, human sight is increasingly unable to meet the requirements. Compared with human vision, machine vision has the advantages of high speed, high precision, supervision, macrospur, objectivity, no fatigue and environmental restrictions.

industrial cameras

  1. The large requests of the unnatural vision network

The developed device vision network is always used for distribution, examination (such as reality detection, impaired commodity detection, reject detection), positioning, designation (such as code assignment, pigment recognition), etc.

Linear cameras are part of Datalogic’s fixed location industrial scanner solutions and are used in applications where there is a need to manage high-speed readings of fast-moving goods. Like stationary industrial scanners , they are designed for use in areas that are not permanently manned. Couriers, 3PLs, postal sorting centers, retail, distribution and e-commerce companies are the main application areas in which cameras can offer a real advantage in terms of reliability. The linear camerasthey are a perfect mix for long range reading applications and 360 ° coverage, able to identify any barcode (1D, 2D, Digimarc) and acquire high resolution images. Installation is safe thanks to the mounting brackets and maintenance is simple thanks to the web-based setup functions and the compact flash cards interchangeable directly on site. Regardless of whether your application requires single-sided or multilayer, linear or omnidirectional readings with image capture technology, Datalogic has the solution for you.

Linear cameras allow companies to optimize the effectiveness of operations by increasing the speed of data processing. This functionality, together with better traceability, is essential for managing the typical processes of production and storage companies, in logistics, in postal sorting environments and in distribution centers. Thanks to this innovative technology, companies benefit from a rapid return on investment, mainly due to the increase in productivity. The camera ensures that there are no reading errors, eliminating downtime due to any manual intervention or checks by operators.

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