Road Arrow Boards for Hire

Road Arrow Boards for Hire

Road arrow boards are large, lighted signs that help keep roads safe. They are instrumental in winter when the sun is low or at night when it is hard to see because of the lack of streetlights. The sign lights up with an arrow pointing to the direction drivers should take, allowing them to see their route even if they’re fatigued. Road arrows can warn drivers about any hazards that lie down their intended path in advance so they can react cautiously. There are arrow boards for hire so you can acquire one as well.

Thecommonly used Road arrow boards.

Stepped boards

Stepped boards have arrows mounted in increments representing distance gained. These may be placed on incorrectly shaped intersections such as four-pointed junctions or where there are multiple entry points. The top arrow is zero meters from the corner, with hands below indicating the distance from the intersection. Stepped boards are used primarily to increase drivers’ awareness of traffic lane changes.

Striper board mounted behind the cab.

Trucks often have a vertical striper board mounted behind the cab, as these are thicker and heavier than other boards and can be easily seen by drivers when driving nearby.

The visible portions of stepped boards must be at least 9 centimetres (3 inches) wide along the horizontal road surface.

A horizontal board

A horizontal board has an arrow pointing in one direction. This one arrow allows drivers to see the sign from a distance. The hand must be at least 130 millimetres (5 inches) high, and if mounted above eye level, it must have a two-sided reflective surface. As with stepped boards, the top arrow is omitted if the board spans across an intersection with no side road immediately.

arrow boards for hire

Features of commonly used arrow boards

  1. For ease of mobility, arrow boards are trailer-mounted and road registered.
  2. Display that can be repositioned 360 degrees for excellent visibility.
  • Solar-powered lanterns with a long runtime that meet the project’s sustainability requirements.
  1. GPS tracking is available, making it simple to find and follow traffic control equipment. A variety of light configurations (Single left arrow, Single right arrow, or double arrow)


By granting motorists on busy roads guidance, LED arrow boards mounted on trailers help manage traffic. Arrow boards have a 120-watt solar-powered system, trying to make them a green equipment option. The gadget is powered by solar energy and has a battery for round-the-clock operation. Road arrow boards for hire are available for hire in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, and Hobart for traffic control

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