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How will I get to London in 24 hours?

Please refer to this list of FAQs to get a better understanding of how the event will run on the day, and how we will get you to London in 24 hours! Once you’re signed up, a document containing a detailed version of the route and elevation, along with details and timings for joining, registration and departing, will go live on the participants area. Please refer to the event timeline (participants area) for more details.

Where does the event start and finish?

Newcastle to London! Our start location will be in Newcastle, with room for you to be dropped off by car and situated close to mainline train station. The finish will be in Central London and will also enjoy good transport links - full details will be released into the participant's area of the website. 

What happens when I arrive at the start?

The start location will be obvious and very well signed. At the start you will need to register and collect your event pack (timing chip, bike & helmet numbers). There will be a large bike racking area where our event mechanics will be on hand should you need to tweak your bike prior to starting the challenge. There will be water and energy drinks availble to fill up your bottles. There will be breakfast rolls available to purchase and free hot drinks. You must start in the allocated slot that you have been given (ie 9.00am, 10.30am, or midday). Start time slots will be alloccated from April onwards on a 'first & second' preference basis - with riders who signed up early getting firts choice. 

What happens to my bike and bags?

Bike - when you arrive at the start, and at any time when you are in a rest stop and not cycling, there will be a clearly marked bike racking area which is supervised at all times.

Bags - upon arrival at the start venue, you will be instructed to drop you main/large bag or any bike bags/boxes with a team who will transfer it to London (if you have booked this optional service)—you will not see this bag again until the finish. A separate team will take your day bag (a smaller bag containing items you will need on route) and will transfer this from rest stop to rest stop, allowing access every time you take a break from rest stop 2 onwards.

Will there be a briefing before I start cycling?

Yes—a short safety briefing, reminding you of key route information and rules, will take place shortly before the start of the event. It is compulsory for all to attend.

What is the route like?

Your safety and the quality of your experience are our number one priorities, so we have carefully fine tuned the route and have conducted a full recce. We take you on a sensible, direct route, avoiding busy roads and duel carriageways. We avoid unnecessary hills and we try to give you the most enjoyable cycling experience possible. A detailed version of the route and elevation will be available in July but the route is always subject to change depending on the weather, road works and local traffic conditions. Please keep reading for details of the route break down and itinerary.

How will I know which way to go?

The route is fully signed and a route map will be issued to you on the day just in case. A GPX file of the route will be available for Garmin users 2 weeks prior to the challenge. We also have a 24 hour control room, which can be contacted if you get lost and who will be able to guide you back onto the route.

What happens if I have an accident or a bike problem?

In the event that you are involved in or witness an accident, you can call our 24 hour control room who will send one of our event doctors to your assistance. If the situation is life threatening then we always advise to call the emergency services first. All the numbers you need will be on the route card and the proper procedures will be briefed to you before you start cycling. Mechanics can also be sent to help if you are having problems with your bike.

What will the weather be like?

Who knows! We’ve had torrential rain in the past, but we’ve also had 24 hours of clear weather and sunshine too. Take note of the kit list on the participant's area of this website for a guide of what to bring with you.

Are there chances to rest along the way?

Yes—there will be rest stops placed roughly every 40—50 miles along the 300 mile route. You can expect to find shelter; food (2 x hot food stops, the others will serve a selection of cold snacks and drinks); water refill; energy products; first aid; mechanical assistance and toilets.

Do I have to cycle on my own at night?

No—we will always try to group people together as they leave the rest stop to start a night stage and no one will have to cycle alone if they don’t want to. The signage will be lit up with glow sticks for extra visibility during the night stages and all cyclists will be issued with a reflective ankle band.

Will anyone set a pace and are there any rules?

Yes—we will have a lead cycle guide who will set a sensible pace and who should be able to get you to Newcastle within the time limit. The front cycle guide must not be passed. Other cycle guides will be spread through the range of cyclists. Rules will be briefed to you prior to the start of the event.

What happens if I need to drop out?

There will be limited space (subject to availability) for you and your bike in our support vehicles for those who are unable to complete a stage/the route.

What happens when I cycle into London?

London is the UK’s largest city and it could be busy... but it’s a great place and we have carefully chosen our timings and route to avoid the busiest time of the day. Once you have finished cycling, you will receive a medal and a cheer and you will of course have plenty of time for photos. A hot brunch will be served, and our mechanics and medics will be on hand should you need help with anything. For those heading back to Newcastle a coach will be departing if you have booked this optional extra. 

How do I travel back home/to Newcastle?

It’s up to you! You are free to make your own arrangements back to Newcastle/ your home town or you can book our optional coach service. The coach service includes a transfer for your bike and you will be dropped close to the start point of the ride in Newcastle.

Will I be given an official time?

Remember that the event is not a race… but most will want to know their official time! timings will be emailed out to you during the week following RIDE 24.

To speak to our team - call 0207 609 6695, or email

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