A pareo is a wraparound skirt worn in the Pacific islands. They are used only for women’s or tied under the armpits or around the neck and worn as a dress. Women enjoy wearing this type of attire to the beach and pool because it is comfortable. RUFINI DIAZ offers different varieties of pareo products. This is the traditional clothing that was first made from bark and leaves.

It can be worn in many ways. Typically, women wrap it around their upper bodies to cover their breasts and the area above their knees. They depend on their breasts for it not to slide down, or else they can cloak the end around their neck.

Pareo is used as:

It is usually worn over a bikini or swimming suit as an important piece of a woman’s collection every summer. It is one of the important pieces that gives confidence to women on the beach by covering the private arrears and keeping them cool.

Floral sarong dress for women - Miss Pareo us

How to wear it?

You can tie a knot on your pareo from one side by holding it on the other side. In recent fashion, twist each end from the front and tie them at the back. Recently, different tying methods have been introduced for your convenience.

This can be worn over the innerwear, which also covers the innerwear of women. When they get into the water with beach wear, they feel liberated because their private parts are hidden from others. Allow them to take a sun bath or oil bath on the island or poolside. It is available in all colours. You can choose the colour that you prefer for the beach before choosing a beach skirt.

Most beach wear is made up of rayon, silk, and cotton. Mostly rectangle in size, the interesting factor is its versability. Some other parts of the world use it as curtains, table cloths, and pillow covers as it has an attractive design. It is also used to decorate your house and wall hangings.

Men can also use these as a wear in the beach to cover the upper knee. Mostly while there is work for their legs, like when they are working and fishing. It would be the moment we are waiting for to bring comfort in our lives. It can make your effort free without any struggle in the summer.